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Creating A Peaceful Home Life
Tips on how to make your home a more peaceful place to be! Guest: Roger-Herst author of A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children

Home & Peaceful Place
Tips on how to make your home a more peaceful place to be! Guest: Naomi Drew author of Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Top 5 Mental Health
Information on the most research mental health issues in our children, ADHD, Anxiety, ODD, Autism & Depression. Guest: Dr. Steven Pliszka

Helping Kids with Mental Health
Tips on how to best help and not hinder children’s capabilities that have mental health issues. Guest: Dr. Edward Amend a Clinical Psychologist at Amend Psychological Services, P.S.C.

Happy Parenting
Tips on ways to look at the positive of parenting and not the challenges. Guest: Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore author of Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids

How To Enjoy Parenting
Ways to enjoying parenting through you kids, husband, friends and most importantly God. Guest: Dr. Stacy Haynes

Children’s Books
All the reasons we love children’s books! Guest: Marilous Reeder, author of The Daring Prince Dashing & Paige Feurer author of And Then It Rained on Malcolm

Dr. Stacy’s Children’s Book Recommendations
Tips on picking the right book for the kiddos and why it is important. No Guest

Changes In The Brain
How to keep up with changes in our teenager’s brain. Guest: James Zull, author of The Art of Changing The Brain

All About The Brain
How the brain functions and why, tips on keeping it healthy. Guest: Annalise Kordell, Adolescent Psychotherapist at the Center for Connection

All About Teachers
How to bridge the parent teacher gap in order to keep the student succeeding. Guest: Dr. Stewart Kallinger, author of A Lesson for Ms. Fort

Helping Teachers In Special Ed
How to help teachers push students to succeed at their own pace. Guest: Maria Visco

Getting Babies to Sleep
How can we get our babies to sleep and how we get them to stay sleep! Guest: Dr. Edward Kulich

When No One Is Sleeping
When to determine an issue on when you or your family is not sleeping and what you can do. Guest: Dr. Lourdes DelRosso

The joys and up and downs about love, how we give and receive! Guest: Allison Moir-Smith & Sherry Amatenstein

New Mom and Postpartum
How to deal with the after birth life and the joys of being a new mommy! Guest: Christine K. St. Vil & Mechelle Chestnut

Does Your Child Need Therapy?
Ways to determine if your kiddo truly needs therapy or if they are simply being a kiddo! Guest: Signe Whitson

Mentoring and Our Youth
Ways to mentor our youth and making sure we are doing this the correct way. Guest: Julia Newman & Tracey D. Syphax

Parenting Styles That Work
Tips on how to parent in a way that works for you and your family! Guest: Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife, 31 Days to a Happy Husband and 31 Days to a Younger You

Family Conflict
How to cope with family conflict an how to avoid it. Guest: Dr. Donna Risolo & Marianna Rebel Brown

Parenting. The 1st 5 Years!
What to expect and how to deal with the 1st 5 years of your little bundle of joy! Guest: Lisa Sunbury

My Kids are Bored to Death
Ideas on what to do when the kids are super bored over the summer and during school breaks. Guest: Nick Mazeika, owner of DSC Deptford Skating Cente

Ways to deal with sibling rivalry and the blessing of kids having siblings. Guest: Janis Meredith

How to deal with Autism and when to know the signs. Guest: Blaine Booth & Carla Mazefsky

Reading & Literacy
Tips on keeping our kids reading and how important reading can be in a child’s life. Guest: Dr. John Froiland & Tonya Holly

Social Anxiety
What social anxiety truly is and how it effects our children every single day. Guest: Dr. Stephen Neff & Dr. Peter Strong

Why mothers are important and why we should cherish them! Guest: Melissa Kurger & Paulette Light

Mental Health Awareness
Bringing awareness to mental health and how to stop this stigma. Guest: Rhonda Smith, LCSW & Alyssa Goodin, director at MHASP

Asthma & Allergy
The challenges children with severe allergies and asthma face and how we can help as parents. Guest: Dr. Paul Berlin, owner of All Allergy & Asthma Care and Arianna Schreer & Alexis Pizzurro, owners of Allergic Attraction

Military & Family Life
The inside look on Military families and what their life is like. Guest: Dr. Joelle Maletis, MFT & Dr. Leah Behl, cofounder of the ARTS

Preparing Seniors for College
Tips and ways to prepare to not so much kiddos for college in ways they understand it. Guest: CEO of GamePhox and Michelle P. Higgins, financial planner & financial advisor

Tackling Summer Projects
Tips on how to tackle the summer projects from school and making your own but making them fun. Guest: Leslie Eslinger, Specilist at Becker’s School Supplies and Rita Wirtz, author of Reading Champs

Father’s Day
The impact father’s make on a child’s life and why we need them around! Guest: Mark Forman, author of Never Say No and Minister Clarence E. Jones, president of Mind, Body and Soul Complex and Recreation Facility

Children’s Literature
Importance of always having picture books around the kiddos from when they’re tiny to when they grow old. Guest: Sarah Frances Hardy, author of Dress Me, Amy Dixon, author of Sophie’s Animal Parade and Charles George Esperanza author of Red, Yellow, Blue and a Dash of White Too

Child Obesity
Gaining knowledge of child obesity, knowing the signs and how to prevent it as a parent. Guest: Dr. Corinn Cross, co founder of Fit to Play Learn and Susan Bodiker, author of Fat Girl, How to Let go of Your Weight and Get on With Your Life.

 Deaf & Blind Awareness
Tips on how to encourage the deaf, blind and MS community in a way that uplifts them and gaining knowledge to help them. Guest: Brandi Rarus, author of Finding Zoe and Stephanie Garcia, author of My Mommy, MS and Me

Summertime Fun
Summertime activities for the family to do that will make you miss summer even more. Guest: Trina Barkouras, owner of Hoppy Paws and Danielle Pruitt, owner of Chalk Ink

Summer Hygiene
How to keep the kiddos clean in the summer and how to teach them to do it themselves. Guest: Richard Palmer, co founder of Kandoo Products and Lindsay Holmes, founder of Shea Loves You Body Cream

Children & Religion
The importance and controversy of children and religion and how to shape it to fit and benefit your life and not others expectations. Guest: Nancy Ruth, author of The Answer Book A Devotional for Busy Families and Art Rainer, Vice President of Southeastern Baptist Church

Back to School Special!
Educational and athletic tips on going back to school for a new year. Guest: Dr. Derek H. Ochiai, Sports Medicine Doctor and Beth Kephart, author and professor at University of Penn