This is Us

During the holidays, I usually will sit and binge watch a show.  This Christmas, it was the new hit show This Is Us.  I have heard so many people talking about the show, that I wanted to check it out.  I was hooked from the pilot episode all the way to the season finale.  I binged watched in two days what people had taken several months to watch.

The first thing that stood out to me with the show was Rebecca and Jack- the parents of triplets- Kevin, Kate and Randall.  These parents in my mind are like super parents.  They are not perfect by any means and the show does a great job reminding us of that when they lose one in the grocery store, or they almost have one drown in the pool.  Powerful parents but not perfect parents.

What Do I Mean By Powerful Parents?  They Have This Great Ability In The Show To Make Life’s Toughest Moments, Moments Families Could Have Easily Fell Apart, Into Their Children’s Greatest Memories. ♥

For instance, the family car breaks down on the side of the road on the way to their grandparents house for Thanksgiving. What do they do? Turn this into an amazing night with Pilgrim Rick in the middle of the woods.  They create memories this night that become their children’s Thanksgiving traditions 36 years later.

But even before they left the house, the boys wrestling with each other knock over mom’s homemade cranberry sauce, and before she can scream- dad jumps in to the rescue- parenting tag team at its’ finest.

On Christmas Eve, they have to rush their daughter to the ER and what do they do- make sure that she knows that nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve due to a magical Christmas tree branch.  The creativity in the moment of such distress- how many of us would be able to pull that off?  Not me.


I love that the show highlights good parenting. How many television programs that we watch as adults even make us encouraged as parents?  This show gives us so many glimpses of moments that we can take advantage of as parents

I think of some of the current programs even our children watch and most parents are portrayed as the comic character or a joke.  This show reminded me with every episode, that my children’s memories are made by how I respond in each and every moment of their lives.

Hats off to NBC and to Dan Fogelman, the creator of a show, #ThisIsUs, a show that allows parents to be the real heroes in their children’s lives.  Not perfect, but powerful parents.

Until Next Session,
Dr. Stacy

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