Why You Should Rethink Screen Time With Your Kids

Do we say yes or no to technology for the kiddos? It is my honor to welcome my special guest, Eduardo Henrique.

App developers want to engage clients so they interact with their app while keeping their interest. Your audience plays a big factor into how you want to engage them. PlayKids is designed to further the development of children using apps.

Our goal is to enrich a child’s motor and emotional development while opening up new opportunities and revealing new concepts. When you engage with the PlayKids app you will see a wide variety of activities. All have been designed by parents who know the importance of having a safe and responsible place for kids to play on screen.

Why We Built PlayKids

While developing PlayKids, we wanted to rethink screen time by using tech to support human connection to empower and inspire kids. Michael Rich said it best ‘What we owe our kids is a rich and diverse experience. Our focus should be on living well with media rather than opposing or restricting it.”

Living well with media for us means building a platform not only for children but one that can interactive with parents. Studies show that too much screen time can have bad effects such as childhood obesity, irregular sleep and social behaviors.

PlayKids focuses on having a rich and interactive experience with a limited amount of screen time. We choose this path because the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Mayo Clinic recommend less than two hours per day for children under two. Following that recommendation shows a positive impact on a child’s development. That is why all activities on PlayKids are short. We know that passive screen time shouldn’t replace reading, playing or problem solving. The key to making screen time beneficial is through parent interaction and that’s what we strive for with all PlayKids activities.

How PlayKids Benefits Both Children and Parents

Parents should be the driving force for teaching kids healthy media habits. Co-viewing with your child can help them understand what they are seeing and apply it in real life. Studies have shown that children around the age of 2 can benefit from screen time and parent engagement can make the screen time even more educational. Programs including music, stories, and movements are among the most beneficial to their development. While building the PlayKids app, we followed the Tips of Literacy Learning and the Three C’s.

PlayKids Also Helps Teachers In the Classroom

We have also opened PlayKids up to the classroom for teachers. This gives teachers and educators access to over a thousand books both modern and classic. The books vary from interactive to audio and are curated by themes and ages.

Educators and teachers also have over 1,500 videos to access in English, Portuguese and Spanish. These are great tools for teachers to check their kids progress and can help with lesson plans. Our goal is to open up the learning possibilities for children since we know that children learn at different paces and in different ways.

Eduardo Henrique is the co-founder and head of US market at Movile Internet Movel S.A., the maker of PlayKids, a Naspers/MIH Group company and the mobile platform for content and commerce in Latin America. Movile sells mobile entertainment to end users via Apple Store, Google Play and in partnership with more than 40 carriers. To find out more about Eduardo please visit, https://www.movile.com/en/


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