Back to School… Already?

Yes the best words ever: School is in!  Okay maybe not.  I know in my home we are all ready with supplies and new lunch kits but really our attitude is like “oh no school is in”.

One of my neighbors observed all the children getting on the school bus and as the last kid piled on the bus, he turned to us parents and said, “Where’s the nearest bar?”  What a true sentiment from a parent realizing the bitter sweet that comes with the return of school.

More than Just Supplies

Children take time adjusting to the return of school just like parents need time to adjust to their children returning to school. For me, I usually have a modified mommy schedule for the first two weeks of school because the demands each day are unpredictable.  Not to mention the first day, I have an hour of homework from all the papers to sign and return to school.

Getting ready for school is a mindset shift as well. Children, who have had relaxing no stress days, now return to days filled with hours of instruction.  Talk to any child and they will describe this as “boring instruction” at best.  Learning can be boring and is a huge change from the summer time beach trips, hours laying in the yard or just riding your bike all day.

Don’t Rush the Return

Parents I encourage you to take a few weeks to settle into your new school routine. Children can be overwhelmed the first few days by new teachers, new experiences and even new expectations.  Take a moment to check in with your child each day to problem solve any minor problems before they become major problems.

I love using Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions method for problem
solving.  You can find out more about this approach on



Radio Show

I have had the pleasure of interviewing many great guests on our Parenting Tips 2 Go w/ Dr. Stacy Radio Show. Interview with Rita Wirtz, below.


Books to Help Children

Back to school concerns can vary from child to child. I love the use of books to help prepare children for back to school.  The authors below have penned great books to help us explore going to school together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tips for Parents

1. Try not to stress the first few weeks of school. Learning can be overwhelming for parents as well.
2. Take a moment before each school day to find one thing your child is thankful for. A simple moment of gratitude in the morning can help change their attitude all day long.

3. Read everything that comes home. Try to be a source of information for your child by knowing all the classroom policies, school procedures, etc. Children feel comforted when we can answer their questions about the school day.

4. Start communication early with the teachers. If you feel there is any concerns with your child, don’t wait. The early you communicate the sooner issues can be resolve

5. Make learning fun. Homework time is not meant to be stressful and full of tears. Take a brain break when you notice your child having a difficult time. Play music, dance, or blow bubbles for five minutes and then come back to the work.

     ecclesiastes-3-1 9781683527701med
Ecclesiastes 3:1                                                                    You can order my new book here.
There is a time for everything, and a
season for every activity under the heavens

My Blog

Well if you have stumbled across my blog, know that I am a parent right in the midst of it, just like you.  I hope to share my thoughts, guest experts who will help us all (me too!), and my prayer for each parent is to parent with power and peace.

My favorite verse, serves as a guide for me as I parent my children:

Proverbs 22:6
 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I encourage you today to have parenting that is effective and prevailing, creates friendship and unity as you provide guidance, love and care for your children.

Until Next Session,

Dr. Stacy


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