The Daring Prince Dashing – Marilou Reeder

*This section of my blog will help parents find great children books for all ages. My daughter Paige, 9 and my son Paxton, 8 will be helping me to write reviews from a child’s perspective.

I must say this book warmed my heart. I had a “stick thingy” when I was a child, so I could relate the Prince being fascinated by the girl with the “stick thingy”.  Children will laugh and want to be silly right along with this Prince.  You walk away with the feeling that it is okay to be yourself and to enjoy friends just like you.

Paige’s review “This is an interesting twist on the classic Cinderella story, told with a Prince and lots more adventure.”

Paxton’s review “This book was so funny. He was trying to always do things that were daring.”

Below you can find our interview and their book.
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