Red, Yellow, Blue & A Dash of White Too! – C.G. Esperanza

*This section of my blog will help parents find great children books for all ages. My daughter Paige, 9 and my son Paxton, 8 will be helping me to write reviews from a child’s perspective.

So besides the fact that there is an elephant on the cover of this book, I was so drawn to the book’s beautiful depiction of the primary colors.  I am not an artist and I vaguely remember the art lesson in elementary school about the primary colors but this book brings this lesson to life.

Children will be drawn to the artist’s colorful display on each page of the little girl and her elephant.

Paige’s review “This book teaches kids their colors by using only the primary colors.  And then compares them to things that are those colors.  As an artist, the drawings are creative and easy to follow the creation of colors.”

Below you can find our interview and their book.
If you are an author and would like me to review your book, please send us a review copy.



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