How Do I Know If My Child Has ADHD?

How can you tell if your child has ADHD?  Many parents first learn about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD from their child’s teacher.  We often are told “maybe you should have your child evaluated.” Or “we seem to have a very difficult time with your child’s behavior.” Just a side note, teachers are not licensed to diagnose anyone’s child, but they are trained to look out for anything impeding a child’s ability to learn.

Parents are often aware of challenging behaviors but often brush it off as just a “kid being a kid” or “this is what toddlers do.”

The Diagnosis

Your first step in knowing if your child ADD or ADHD, is to get them evaluated by a trained licensed mental health professional. Notice I did not say pediatrician.  Many schools will send you to your pediatrician as they are the ones to write prescriptions for medication and will nicely write a note for school accommodations.

The best source for a diagnosis is a trained mental health professional.  They will give you not only a diagnosis, but a game plan that will include behavioral interventions to help your child manage their symptoms.

Looks Different, Yet Similar

Most children with ADHD have similar symptoms. Difficulty sitting still, difficulty listening or following directions, difficulty organizing tasks, difficulty persisting on difficult tasks, difficulty keeping their attention, and difficulty remembering things.

There are great checklists that can help parents to determine if their child needs to be seen by a mental health professional.

Treatment Options

Parents once believed that medication was the only way to treat ADHD and so parents would refuse to seek a diagnosis or get help for their child.  Today we understand the importance of medication in the treatment of ADHD and the behavioral treatment options available to parents.

Medication is the evidenced based treatment approach to treating ADHD.  Parents who choose not to medicate their child can also benefit from behavioral and environmental changes for their child.

Young children are not being given medication as often as once prescribed.  Behavior therapy is recommended by the American Medical Association for treating children with ADHD symptoms under the age of 4.

Anthony Meets Dr. Stacy: A Book about ADHDCeBuvB1W0AEg25B

I wrote my second book to help parents understand the many ways we treat ADHD. A pill does not fix everything. A pill will not help your child organize their room, learn to take turns with their sibling or learn how to manage their book bag.  There are many additional strategies that need to be put in place to help a child to be successful in home, school and in their community.

In the book, Anthony’s parents bring Anthony to meet Dr. Stacy for an evaluation and treatment of ADHD.  The book reviews different ways to treat including medication, diet and exercise changes, classroom interventions and even using chewing gum (yes Anthony loves this idea).

The Radio Show

We have had some great shows on ADHD with some really great guests.  We have discussed school strategies, how to manage the symptoms at home and even how to work with ADHD in children without the use of medication.

Webinar Available

Does your child have ADHD? Are you not sure on how to work with your child now that they have been diagnosed?  This workshop will help parents to understand the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for children with ADHD. Dr. Haynes in this informative 2 hour workshop will discuss:

– The causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of ADHD

– Evidenced based treatment approaches for children in school, home, and relationships/social interactions

– The school responsibility including accommodations and 504/IEP requirements for children diagnosed with ADHD

– Medication treatments and how parents can know when to start using medication

– Alternative treatment interventions including nutrition, social skills, mindfulness, and individual psychosocial therapy

– Parent involvement in behavior modification and ways parents can assist professionals in helping their child with ADHD succeed

I will use videos, role plays and present information in an easy to understand and practical way.

Webinar is pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time.  Parents will have a two week access to the presentation and attached documents.  To learn more about this webinar visit:


Children who are diagnosed with ADHD, given the right treatment can do well. They are often smart, bright and eager to manage their symptoms too.  Parent benefit from guidance and support when getting through the school years.

It will be challenging at times, but with the right help, you too will see how wonderful your child can be even with ADHD.

Well if you have stumbled across my blog; know that I am a parent right in the midst of it, just like you.  I hope to share my thoughts, guest experts who will help us all (me too!), and my prayer for each parent is to parent with power and peace.

My favorite verse, serves as a guide for me as I parent my children:
Proverbs 22:6
 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I encourage you today to have parenting that is effective and prevailing, creates friendship and unity as you provide guidance, love and care for your children.

Until Next Session,
Dr. Stacy

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Anthony Meets Dr. Stacy: A Book About ADHD, Buy HERE.

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