Powerful, Peaceful, Parenting.

Powerful Peaceful Parenting

What Does That Mean?

When I decided to sit down and write a parenting book, I prayed about what my message would be to parents.  You see I am a busy mom of two and I understand that no parent wants someone else telling them how to raise their children.

As a psychologist, working with children and families each day, I see a huge difference between parenting styles and I have learned a lot about what helps families to work well.

imagesThe Book That Started It All……

My book, Powerful Peaceful Parenting: Guiding Children, Changing Lives is about empowering parents with the tips and tools to help with the everyday challenges and joys of raising great children.  We tackle topics such as morning routines, to homework, to yes getting children to listen each time, the first time.  This book has won two book awards and is a great read if you ask me!

The Radio Show

About three years ago, God laid it on my heart to start a radio show to help parents.  Parenting Tips 2 Go w/ Dr. Stacy has featured many renowned authors, experts and parents who share their advice on raising children.

On my radio show, Parenting Tips 2 Go, I take a look at the definition of these words, Power, Peace and Parenting, to give parents insight.


Power – the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

Parents you have the power to raise your children. So many times parents feel defeated by the time they reach my office for therapy.  We have been given a great mission to raise children, and the Bible promises us that we have been given everything we need to be successful.

Think about it, you are a parent and that is a powerful purpose in life, to guide another human being into adulthood.  I love thinking that I have the power to help direct or influence another life, especially my children.

We can tap into the power of the Holy Spirit to guide our decisions as parents and to help us when we are weak.


Peaceful -freedom from disturbance, quiet and tranquility

Wow, did you ever think we could put the words peaceful with parenting. Yes we can. I live in a peaceful home. I tease people all the time, I am the psychologist but my children are still like every other child out there.

I have learned to use routines ( I talk about them in my book), choices and yes good parenting tips to help navigate the everyday life of raising children.  We can be peaceful in our approach to children (yes no yelling) and we can be able to endure even the most difficult times as parents knowing that this too shall pass.

Peace is a choice we can make as parents and we can start today.


Parenting – The rearing of a child or children, especially the care, love, and guidance given by a parent.safe-in-my-daddy-s-hands-1317095

Did you know that parenting is about care, love and guidance? I love to think that my role as a parent is to guide, to train, to coach, to encourage my children.  We tend to get the love and care part down from infancy but really we are to guide.

If I can be a guide, it releases some of my pressure to be perfect and to do it all right.  My children still will make choices that will be their choices as they grow up.  Like a tour guide, I can show them the best ways and then they have to make choices that impact their journey.

Parenting is about gently guiding them to all life has for them.

Well if you have stumbled across my bog, know that I am a parent right in the midst of it, just like you.  I hope to share my thoughts, guest experts who will help us all (me too!), and my prayer for each parent to really begin to parent with power and peace.

My favorite verse, serves as a guide for me as I parent my children:
Proverbs 22:6
 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I encourage you today to have parenting that is effective and prevailing, creates friendship and unity as you provide guidance, love and care for your children.

Until Next Session,
Dr. Stacy

Parenting Tips 2 Go by Dr. Stacy Haynes, Buy HERE.

Anthony Meets Dr. Stacy: A Book About ADHD, Buy HERE.

Powerful Peaceful Parenting: Guiding Children Chaning Lives, Buy HERE.


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